While my friends return to work after a long weekend (two public holidays in Bavaria this week 🙂 ) I go through the passport control at Munich airport. Looking out of the window I see the aircraft that will bring me to Jeddah where I’ll wait for my connecting flight to Khartoum (Sudan) puttygen download , the starting point of my trip. This flight changes almost everything for me: the temperature rises from 5°C to 37°C, Isar becomes Nile 😉 and instead of a comfortable 56sqm in a concrete building I’ve nothing more than a backpack and a tent with me. Sure, I filled the 75l backpack to the edge, but I left many things. Fortunately, I found a place for everything:
What didn’t fit into the locker in Munich had to fit into the car to my mother’s place.
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, I got my first offer for a homestay in Kampala (Uganda) by Domi and Mick. Domi recently took on a new job for the Norwegian Refugee Council and Mick will work as an engineer for renewable energy soon. If everything goes well we will meet in early January…   Some like it cold
Thanks to modern air conditioning I need my jacket on top of my longsleeve even though it’s 30°C outside

4h stop over in Jeddah. Not the size of terminal that I expected. Now I understand why an additional terminal out of tents is needed to handle the 2 million pilgrims during hajj every year…


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